Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is Room 209 Gaming?

Hello and welcome!

Room 209 Gaming is a new independent game company, created in 2012 by Bryan Shipp, Sarah Perry-Shipp and Ray Watters.  We are dedicated to creating rulesets and game content that highlight great storytelling and roleplaying over pure combat.  We've always been fans of a more cinematic style of roleplaying, and this is exactly the kind of content we hope to bring to the market.

We got started roleplaying way back in the mid-1990s in Room 209 of Teague Hall in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Those early days of roleplaying were magical for us, letting us explore new worlds and new stories every week, and we aim to recapture that feeling of wonder in the content we create.

We're still getting everything organized and ready to go, but we'll be updating this website regularly with our design ideas and news bulletins.  In the meanwhile, you can check out some of the ideas that will be getting folded into the Infinite Earths RPG system here, at the Gamemaster's Special Interest Group blog of the Raleigh Tabletop Roleplayers, where I recently wrote a series on the Role of the GM.

Enjoy, and look forward to more from us soon!

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