Room 209 Gaming Code of Conduct

As part of Room 209 Gaming's commitment to make use of its products a great experience for gamers, members and guests of Room 209 Gaming agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. You are responsible for knowing and abiding by these conduct rules to ensure that everyone feels welcome.

Violation of the Code of Conduct rules is grounds for your invitation to participate in Room 209 Gaming-sponsored events to be terminated. Termination of participation also brings forfeiture of any right to participation rewards as defined in any applicable Playtest Agreement(s).  Room 209 Gaming staff are the final judges of whether a member’s behavior qualifies as inappropriate or a disruption. This Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time at Room 209 Gaming's sole discretion.
  1. Choose your character names carefully. Names that are deemed offensive may be modified or not permitted without notice. For example:
    • Names of offensive or notorious persons, controversial political figures, references to cultural tragedies or of significant religious or occult meaning
    • Names containing profanity, obscene slang, graphic anatomical references, racial, ethnic, sexist, or religious slurs
    • Names with word combinations that produce an offensive result
    • Names of or references to illicit substances or drug-related paraphernalia
    • Names with the intent or effect of harming the reputation of another
    • Names that impersonate the representation of a specific business or website, including any business or website you may operate or represent
    • Proper names of Room 209 Gaming staff or their titles
  2. Do not use obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, graphically or gratuitously violent, derogatory, demeaning, malicious, defamatory, abusive, offensive, hateful or discriminatory language or content. Swearing should be kept to a minimum, but will only constitute a violation if it meets at least one other criterion in this paragraph.
  3. Do not harass, bully, threaten, harm or cause discomfort for other persons, including any other members. For example:
    • Use hate speech or racial, ethnic, sexist, homophobic or religious slurs
    • Harass a specific person (repeated flaming, personal attacks or sharing of their private information)
    • Troll or bait the community in general with inflammatory statements, such as ones designed to elicit a negative response from the community
    • Post or otherwise disclose any personal or private information of another person, or any confidential information pertaining to a business, without consent
  4. Do not promote, plan, glorify or engage in any illegal activity or otherwise make available content that would encourage or provide instructions for a criminal offense. These topics include crimes relating to drugs, drug paraphernalia, rape, solicitation of a minor, computer hacking, and copyright violation. 
    • Room 209 Gaming is committed to honoring IP rights of others.  We consider insistent suggestions that Room 209 should incorporate the non-OGL game designs of other game designers into Room 209 products to be violations of this item of the Code of Conduct.
  5. Do not impersonate other persons, including members or Room 209 Gaming staff  or attempt to obtain sensitive information from other members. For example:
    • Falsely claim an official title or to hold position relating to Room 209 Gaming
    • Falsely claim the representation of another business or website
    • Falsely claim to be a law enforcement officer
    • Solicit personal information from other members
  6. Do not be disruptive through any means or communication.  For example:
    • Continually interrupting another player or players during a session
    • Continually remaining off-topic or discussing outside games, systems or events after a request to discontinue such behavior
    • Arguing with Room 209 staff or other players in a combative tone during a session or immediately preceding/succeeding a session
  7. Do not advertise without prior discussion with and approval of Room 209 Gaming. This includes:
    • Advertising matches that card gamble/play for ante
    • Advertising player-run tournaments
    • Advertising trades or sales outside of the designated areas
    • Advertise or promote a business or commercial website
    • Sending unsolicited commercial or purportedly informational messages to any members
Explanation of Disciplinary Escalation and Procedures
Moderators issue formal warnings by in-person communication, private message or email when a member has made a Code of Conduct infraction. Depending on the severity of the infraction, Room 209 Gaming may issue a warning, timed suspension or termination of right to participate.  Warnings and timed suspensions will be used for initial violations; termination of right to participate is reserved for the most egregious or recalcitrant behaviors.

This explanation of disciplinary procedure is meant to be a guideline for members to understand what their status may be with regard to the process. It is only a guideline and Room 209 Gaming may deviate from this procedure at any time in any manner it deems appropriate without notice if a specific situation may require other measures to ensure the family orientation of Room 209 Gaming-sponsored events.